NOW. NEW? NEXT! NOW: ‘Mindfield’ continues its march on the festival circuit, picking up Awards and Official Selections like charms on a bracelet. An addictive process…wish I could say ‘The first one’s free.’ But am hooked just the same, and working on another short. Also: ‘Ding Dong Ditch’ is now under the influence of the divine slave-driver Leslie Hope (not to mention actress extraordinaire). Plans going forward for filming next fall. And: The ‘My Favorite Towels’ children’s pilot got picked up! (whoo hoo!). That’s the good news. The bad news is the pilot got picked up. And now I have to write them. You can find me out currently out shopping for new PJ’s. NEW: Like I said, another short…cause “hello, my name is Erin, and I’m an addict.’ Also, in development with Carme Puche, an incredibly talented, whip-smart, young Spanish Film-maker who’s dragged me with her enthusiasm for a Bio-Pic about the late-great Lynn Margulis—a woman who, outside rarified science circles, is little known, but nevertheless, changed the world we live in! NEXT: A pilot. Cause I’m just a girl who can’t say ‘no’ and I didn’t have enough on my plate. Sci-fi, body-switching, don’t ask. First draft is done, though. It’s a mess, but it’s there…like a turd, waiting to be cleaned up. (yea…) And on the fiction writing front: I want to stay in my writers group, so I’ve had to start on a new book—this one dealing with ghosts and broken hearts, it’s set on the infamous Chelsea Houseboat Moorings in London. I’m on the home stretch, almost-almost done… can’t wait to see what happens!